Jujutsu Kaisen 247 Preview: Higuruma’s Potential Vs Sukuna

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 247 has the attention of all the fans and this is simply down to how incredible the last chapter of the story was. Higuruma stole the show in the previous chapter, despite Sukuna being the dominant force in JJK chapter 246. Now, JJK chapter 247 will likely continue from where the last one left off and give the fans a proper glimpse of what Higuruma is capable of in battle and that is certainly going to set the world the light.

It must also be remembered that JJK chapter 247 is officially going to be the first proper chapter of 2024 and that makes it even more important for the manga to have a solid beginning to the new year as it might as well be the very last year of the story.

Higuruma Awakens Domain Amplification

higuruma awakens his domain amplification jujutsu kaisen jjk 246

Hiromi Higuruma was seen as the shining star in the previous chapter. Although he was overwhelmed by Sukuna at first, he continuously grew throughout the battle.

Towards the end of it, Higuruma awakened what is known as domain amplification. This is an incredible power that allows the user to light coat themselves in their domain and it essentially allows them to bypass cursed techniques and nullify them to a certain degree. Fans might remember this from the fight between Gojo and the duo of Hanami and Jogo. More recently, Sukuna was seen making use of this power in his fight against Gojo actively to bypass the powers of the Limitless.

Now, Hiromi Higuruma has access to this power as well and this will aid him greatly as it will minimize the damage dealt to him via Sukuna’s slashes. JJK chapter 247 will most definitely see Sukuna attack him with stronger techniques and Higuruma adapting to them as the fight continues.

Higuruma was compared to Gojo in terms of talent previously and that only means that he has great things ahead of himself. However, his talent is still latent and he needs to awaken it, which means that gaining battle experience is very important for him. While he hasn’t hit his pinnacle as a fighter just yet, he can grow very strong and this fight against Sukuna is certainly going to aid him greatly in that regard. Fans should fully expect Higuruma to grow tremendously in the next chapter as well.

Yuji Itadori Tags In

Yuji defeats sukuna jujutsu kaisen jjk

Yuji Itadori is a character who is going to be heavily involved in this fight right from the get-go. Although he was left behind in the previous chapter, fans should not forget about him, even though he’s not at the center of things right now.

Yuji should be expected to catch up with Sukuna in JJK chapter 247 and, from there onwards, aid Higuruma in battle. This battle is not a one-on-one between Higuruma and Sukuna.

It must be remembered that Yuji is around the corner as well and the other fighters, such as Ino and Kusakabe, are around as well. While it will likely take those two longer to join the battle, Yuji should certainly be expected to provide backup to Higuruma in the next chapter.

These Ancient sorcerers were so powerful that they are still remembered as some of the best to have ever lived.

The strategy here for the team should be managing to get a proper strike on Sukuna with the executioner’s sword. As such, Yuji’s job would mainly be to create an opening for Higuruma to strike. Whether he will succeed in doing that or not remains to be seen. The next chapter might also focus on Yuji’s abilities themselves.

Fans have already seen Yuji showcase incredible power in this fight already. However, he needs to show a proper demonstration, and the next chapter might give him some spotlight as well. Sukuna will likely not be going all out from the get-go in this fight as he does enjoy a challenge and he would likely see to it that the youngsters in front of him manage to reach the desired level for him to finish them off.

Higuruma’s Growth Rate In Battle

sukuna attacks higuruma jujutsu kaisen jjk 245

It is easy for the fans to see that, right now, the focus of this fight is Hiromi Higuruma. The way the last two chapters have been drawn clearly indicates that Higuruma is going to be focused on first and that he has an important role to play here. Because of that, fans should expect him to be central to JJK chapter 247 as well. The fact that he managed to awaken domain amplification doesn’t mean that that’s all he’s going to learn in this fight. Higuruma is going to increase his mastery of skills in combat in the next chapter greatly as that is required of him if he intends to reach the next level as a fighter.

Since he has just now awakened domain amplification, he should be seen focusing on how to regulate this power properly in order to nullify Sukuna’s attacks the best. However, he might even pick up better abilities in the fighting in the upcoming chapters. While this isn’t necessarily restricted to JJK chapter 247, fans should expect him to tap into the power of reverse cursed technique as well. This is a power that would greatly aid him in battle. In fact, it was even hinted at in the previous chapter, where Yuji told him that he does not know how to use reverse cursed technique and that is why he might actually end up dying in the battle.

For him to learn this technique right now would be absolutely incredible and would strengthen him even further, as well as draw another parallel to Gojo, who drew this power out when his back was against the wall during the fight against Toji.

Sukuna With The Upper Hand

choso vs sukuna jujutsu kaisen jjk 246

Of course, regardless of what happens, fans should fully expect Sukuna to have the upper hand in this battle in JJK chapter 247 as well. He’s the strongest character in the entire series and right now he is in his very prime. He absolutely cannot be stopped by anyone around him but that certainly doesn’t mean he will end the fighting in a page or two.

Sukuna is a character who certainly loves a challenge as well and if he sees potential in Higuruma, then he will certainly relish a proper fight with him. Fans should expect Sukuna to amp up his attacks slightly and gain the upper hand in battle.

Given that he’s tapped into the power of domain amplification, he will likely try to get him to protect himself from stronger attacks in succession, which would be interesting to a personality such as him. If other fighters join in, Sukuna will likely make quick work of them as well and Yuji is a character that he would absolutely love to trade blows with as well.

Sukuna is very powerful and it will take him quite a long time to fall in battle. Right now, no one around him is on the same level as him and that only means that he’s not going to struggle in combat at all.

He was seen downing Choso in the previous chapter and the upcoming ones will likely see him take down another one, likely to Kusakabe, who promised to defend Higuruma with his life if need be.

Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 247, is set to be January 7, 2024.


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